All great companies are Authentic Vision Inspired
& Driven (AVID). They are not MBA methods driven.

Now practiced worldwide, standard business
practices produce standard me-too outcomes.
That's why 99% of companies flood world markets
with low profit, designer styled me too products,
services and brands and compete head to head in
so called "red oceans".

Standard methods do not produce inventive,
breakthrough products, do not produce great
companies. Greatness happens only when an
inventive idea is championed by an AVID
company, is realized and taken to market.

These 1% of companies astonish the world.
They champion inventive ideas and turn them
into breakthrough products which go global.
They build fabulous companies from start-up,
generate 30%+ operating profit margins and
enjoy rapid growth.

The 99% rarely break the 10% barrier. Now in
global economic slow down they face inexorable
decline. For the 1% this is a time of higher profits,
larger markets, more growth.

Ingenious innovations

1% company owners are self led, authentic individuals.
Their companies are instruments through which they
realize their personal values, ideals, their vision.

They empower realization of their business vision
using ingenious innovations, which open new global
markets and generate extraordinary wealth fast.

At Innovation Labs we use AVID method to invent,
engineer, develop and design ingenious, breakthrough
products for you, empowering you to take your
company to the highest level of greatness fast.